Winter Window Worries: 4 Tips for Warmer Windows

Winter Window Worries: 4 Tips for Warmer Windows

When the summer sun is shining into your living room, it’s easy to forget the condensation, drafts, frame rot and heat loss issues that colder weather brings to your home windows. Since the winter chill is settling in, now is the time to remedy your window issues with these four helpful tips.


Insulation Is Your First Defence

If your windows have drafts or you are suffering extreme heat loss through large, thin window panes, insulating the glass is a cheap and effective defence.

When planning to insulate window glass there are several options. For a budget do-it-yourself solution, try rubber weather sealing tape to keep drafts at bay. This product is available from your local hardware store, and won’t drastically affect the appearance of your window.

Window insulation film is another cost-effective option. This product is often purchased as a kit, the shrink film is applied and heated to provide an extra protective layer to your windows. The appearance of an insulation film, however, can be an unattractive drawback and may be better suited on covered windows.


Trap Cold Air With Indoor Window Treatments

For greater longevity, style and insulation, consider having cellular blinds or insulated curtains professionally installed in your home. While the initial cost is higher than DIY options, the long-term energy savings and comfort speak for themselves. Heavy, insulated curtains significantly reduce window heat loss by trapping an insulative pocket of air. Quality, well-fitted curtains or blinds are an excellent year-round window treatment, as the summer heat can escape from pleats or gaps at the top of the window frame.

For added insulation, consider having an extra layer of insulation added to your curtain fabric upon installation. Pelmets are another excellent addition, and they help prevent the escape of warm air from a room by creating a barrier at the top of your curtain or blind. If you’re unsure, chat with your local expert blind outlet for personalised curtain and blind solutions.


Get Shady on the Outside

While indoor blinds and curtains are an excellent defence, outdoor window shades are your year-round offence. An external roller shutter can help to drastically decrease your heating and cooling costs by keeping your windows shielded from weather changes. Even a good quality external awning can help to reduce condensation and heat loss over winter while helping to keep the summer’s heat in check.

For a natural alternative, consider planting deciduous plants outside your windows. Well-placed vines and trees can provide ideal shade during the summer months while increasing your window’s insulation over winter.

Take the time to really consider the ideal plant for the location, and ensure the foliage density and growth rate of a selected plant will suit your window’s orientation and location. Check out suitable species that are native to your local area to create the perfect green façade for your home window.


Automate for Ultimate Winter Window Control

Have you ever been caught out late in the evening and arrived home to an icy cold room because the curtains were left open? Automated blinds are the ideal answer to a busy schedule, or anyone a little more control — no matter where they are. By linking your blinds and awnings with a smartphone app, you can keep your winter home warm at the push of a button.

While it may seem like inaccessible technology, automating your blinds or awnings is surprisingly straightforward and affordable, with battery-powered solutions reducing the cost of the installation process. Consult with a specialist to discuss which automation options best suit your needs and budget.

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