Why Vertical Blinds Are a Great Choice for Big Windows

Why Vertical Blinds Are a Great Choice for Big Windows

Large windows that let in plenty of light are a dream come true for many homeowners. However, these windows can also be more difficult to dress than their smaller counterparts.

For starters, their large size means they often require custom-made blinds. However, the bigger concern on many homeowners’ minds is finding a window covering that provides privacy and allows you to control the lighting throughout the day all without obscuring your view.

Thankfully, one type of window dressing covers all these bases: vertical blinds. Here’s why they could be a great choice for your big windows.

Vertical Blinds Are Great for Light Control

While natural light is one of the best parts about having large windows, it can also be one of the worst when you’ve just woken up, when you have a headache, or when you want to set a different mood. The first and biggest benefit of choosing vertical blinds for large windows is that they give you the ability to control the light coming into your room.

When you want to block all light from coming in, you can close vertical blinds completely to a create a blackout — just make sure you get them well-fitted so there are no gaps at either side. Conversely, when you want to maximise light, vertical blinds run along a track that allows you to pull them all the way aside, giving you as much light as you’d get from an undressed window.

Best of all, you can change the angle of your vertical blind’s slats. This gives you the ability to filter out as much or as little lighting as you like so you can have total control. While easier on your eyes, being able to control light throughout the day helps prevent UV damage to both your furnishings and your family.

Vertical Blinds Give You Privacy Without Blocking the View

If your big windows look out onto a great view of the natural landscape, then you won’t want to choose a window covering that completely obscures it. Of course, you’ll also want to preserve your privacy. This puts homeowners in a conundrum: how can you cover a window so people can’t see in while still ensuring you can see out?

Vertical blinds are one option that gives you a great middle ground. Since you can control the position of the slats to your liking, it’s easy to find an angle that stops people from seeing in while still giving you slices of the outdoor view you love. This makes these blinds better for big, street-facing windows than options like roller blinds, which allow people to see right into your house when they’re open.

Vertical Blinds Are Easy to Maintain

One overlooked benefit of vertical blinds is that they’re very easy to maintain. Keeping your window dressings in good condition can be a nuisance even with the smallest of windows. So when it comes to big coverings for big windows, the easier to clean and repair, the better.

Unlike drapes, which need to be taken down to be washed, vertical blinds are very simple to clean. As long as they’re made from a non-porous or sealed material, all you need to do is wipe them down with water to get them looking dust-free and good as new.

Vertical blinds are also easy to replace when they get damaged because they’re made of individual slats. If one gets scratched or cracked, then all you have to do is buy a single panel to put in its place. This makes them less of a hassle and more affordable for big windows than options like roller blinds, which often need to be replaced completely if one part is damaged.

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