Sanctuary Blockout

Available as roller, panel or roman blinds

• Versatile blind fabric that is suitable to be used in multiple types of window treatments, any décor and customer preference.

Unique design:
a. Jacquard weave
• Intricate construction, creating depth, surface texture, and unique aesthetic.

b. Knife coat
• With a matte finish this coating technique creates a subtle
one-on-tone colour.

Width availability
• 3,000mm wide
• Manufactured to suit most windows without joins or railroading.

Acrylic foam backing
• Blockout has ‘bouce back’ quality – more difficult to mark than traditional floc coating and better tracking on roll.

3-pass blockout coating
• Tested to AS2663-1999. Exceeds Australian standards for opacity.
• Completely blocks out light with no ‘glowing effect’ even in direct sun. Blue wool scale >5
• Fade resistant, specifically designed to suit the harsh Australian conditions.

5 year warranty
• Texstyle fabrics are designed for longevity. Manufactured from the best available resources around the globe, the entire range carries a 5 year warranty as a testament to fabric quality.

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