Safety First: Keeping Blinds Child-Friendly

Safety First: Keeping Blinds Child-Friendly

Balancing form and function isn’t easy for any homeowner, but this task is especially difficult for parents of young children — or those who will often be entertaining young guests. You’ll have to reconsider many features in your home, and blinds are one of them.

While all blinds can be safe under careful supervision and accidents are highly unlikely, cords and chains that are left dangling may present choking hazards for young children. However, you don’t need to skip out on installing blinds entirely.

If you need that extra peace of mind, here are a couple of ideas for fitting your home with blinds that both look great and pose no risk.


Fixed Shutters

Shutters could serve the same purpose for you as traditional blinds would have. They have a slightly different design than the simple, flat surface of a blind, but they can add a unique look to a room — and they offer just as much privacy and shade.

Generally made out of either wood or aluminium, fixed shutters will be spaced out horizontally across your window. These shutters can be turned to adjust the amount of light that is permitted through them.

Hanging shutters are also available, but these are often controlled by hanging cords, which would not solve the problem. Check how any shutters are opened and closed before you make a purchase.


Automated Blinds

Rather than manual blinds, consider having motorised blinds fitted. These are controlled by a motor and involve no cords or chains whatsoever.

They have the look of traditional blinds and can be made out of a whole variety of fabrics and colours. You can control them with a remote, timer, an app or a wall switch; different products vary. Whatever the case may be, they’re an elegant and convenient solution.


Outdoor Blinds

Rather than positioning your blinds on the window interiors where small hands can pull at them, consider having exterior blinds fitted.

These perform exactly the same purpose as interior blinds; they simply do so on the other side of the glass. Weather-resistant and sturdy, they don’t need to be replaced any more frequently than you would an interior blind; they are designed specifically for this purpose.

Equally, outdoor blinds may come with the additional advantage of saving space inside your home.



If all else fails, you could always forgo blinds altogether and opt for traditional curtains.

These need not be lavish or heavy. In fact, modern curtains are often cut from fairly simple fabrics for a much sleeker and more modern look. Of course, whatever you choose ought to be heavy enough to block out the light, or they won’t serve their purpose.

Equally, some fabrics are easily damaged by sunlight and will need replacing often — but beyond that, you can have curtains made from an almost unlimited selection of fabrics.

Of course, curtains are drawn and opened manually and do not require any cords or chains. They may be held back by curtain ties, but these can be made out of thick fabrics that do not pose choking hazards. You can also simply leave the curtains hanging freely, simply pushed to either side of the window, for a simpler look.

In short, you have many options available to you. While at first, you might think that child-proofing your home limits your options, in practice, this isn’t the case. You’ll still have a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, and they’ll be just as effective.

If you’d like to discuss options for your home specifically, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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