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Roller Blinds:
A roller blind is probably the most, popular of blind types today, because it works in almost any application or window giving you a modern and clean finish everytime. Fabric options are almost endless allowing you to create a look to suit any interior.


Blockout Roller blinds:
A Blockout Blind should block 99% of light and will also offer complete privacy blocking anyone outside from seeing inside.


Blockout blinds also offer an element of insulation blocking heat in summer and holding it in in winter. Generally preferred for use in bedrooms and those windows where privacy and light controll are the concerning factors.

Due to the popularity of blockout fabrics, there is a great variety on the market with various finishes, textures and colours to suit every interior and budget, from basic painted blockouts through to beautiful woven jacquards and alike.


Sunscreen Roller blinds:
A sunscreen Roller blinds is made of a woven, mesh like fabric that helps to block heat and glare caused by sunlight, whilst still maintaining your view and natural light, so they shouldn’t darken your room or interrupt your view when drawn. Sunscreens however, do not offer any degree of privacy at all and as such are not recommended to be used alone in bedrooms or bathrooms or living areas where privacy might be required.

In these situations, where a sunscreen is required you may wish to implement a dual blind, where both a blockout blind and sunscreen blind are installed together on a double bracket system.


Transluscent Roller blinds:
Giving a much softer feel to a room than a complete blockout a translucent is great for layering and adding texture to your room. Transluscent Roller blinds will block a lot of your heat and glare and whilst not completley opaque they will offer you privacy.

They are great when you require privacy during daylight hours or perhaps have a westerly sun beating through your windows as they will serve these needs whilst still maintaining a lot of natural light. They will not however allow you any view through your windows when drawn. (For this you need a Sunscreen blind)


Dual Roller Blinds
A Dual Roller is simply two blinds mounted on one bracket system allowing you to combine a combination of two fabrics either translucent, Sunscreen or blockout giving you the opportunity for complete light and privacy control.

This Contemporary roller blind looks fantastic, allowing a depth of contrast in color and texture. Its perfect for bedrooms, where light might be an issue in the day, and privacy is required at night.

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