Quiz: Choose the Right Window Treatments for Your Family Home

Quiz: Choose the Right Window Treatments for Your Family Home

Which blind fabric is best for the local weather? Will roller blinds or timber-like Venetians look better in the living room? What window treatment will be low-maintenance but also child-friendly?

Do these questions sound familiar? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the endless options when choosing window treatments. If you’re worried about choosing a window treatment, then take this quick quiz to help you finally choose the right one for your family home.


1. Do You Keep Up With Current Trends in Your Home Furnishings?

A: Comfortable, soft furnishings are all our family home needs.

B: I choose furnishings based on affordability that fit in my budget.

C: I love to use the latest patterns and technology in our home.

D: I look for timeless furnishings that are forever trendy!


2. What Kind of Privacy and Light Do You Need From Your Window?

A: We’d like filtered light and warmth without losing our privacy.

B: We need to be able to control the amount of privacy, light, and glare.

C: We have very specific privacy and light needs.

D: We want maximum light — privacy is not an issue for us!


3. Your Personal Home Design Style Is Best Described As:

A: Traditional or French country

B: Classic, timeless, and classy

C: Minimalist chic

D: Contemporary and modern


4. What’s the Ideal Window Treatment Material for Your Home?

A: Warm, inviting fabrics

B: Blinds with an aluminium or timber-look

C: Printed or coloured fashionable fabric, preferably made of natural materials

D: Fade-resistant and seriously durable materials


5. What Type of Window Are You Going to Dress?

A: A large window in the lounge or living area

B: A bathroom or kitchen window

C: A bedroom window

D: A sliding door


6. What’s the Weather Like Where You Live?

A: Quite mild summers and winters

B: Balmy and temperate for most of the year

C: Extreme temperatures in both summer and winter

D: We have climate control, so the extremes don’t worry us.


7. How Would You Prefer to Clean Your Window Treatments?

A: I need to be able to throw my treatments in the washing machine

B: I don’t want to do more than regular dusting and an occasional wipe-down with soapy water

C: I want to be able to just spot clean as necessary

D: Cleaning? No thanks!


Your Results:


Mostly As: Curtains

A versatile and simple window treatment, curtains are the perfect balance between elegance and affordability. You can maximise curtain’s visual appeal by opting for custom-fitted floor-length drapes in a quality thermal fabric. An additional sheer layer ensures greater control over privacy and light.

You could also consider adding a pelmet to conceal the curtain rod, creating a more finished and sophisticated appearance.


Mostly Bs: Venetian Blinds

If you’re looking for the attractive horizontal style of plantation shutters without the hefty price-tag, then you can’t go wrong with Venetian blinds. Modern Venetians have a timeless style, and the blade thickness and materials can be customised to suit your needs.

These window treatments look cool in any room, but make sure you choose a 100% waterproof timber-look Venetian in wet areas like your bathroom or kitchen.


Mostly Cs: Roller Blinds

The ultimate choice for custom window treatments, roller blinds are an on-trend, popular solution that won’t break the bank. Choose a fabric that suits your personal style, privacy, light, and insulation needs, or install dual blinds for the perfect combination. Block-out blinds are ideal for shift workers, kids’ bedrooms, or for extreme temperatures.


Mostly Ds: Vertical Blinds

Super practical, affordable, easy to clean, and pretty stylish to boot, vertical blinds are a great family and budget-friendly option. These treatments are perfect if you like to let lots of light through your sliding door or floor length windows, and they offer instant privacy when you need it.


If you want to avoid the hazard of the pull cord control, then consider automated movement — these options open or close with the push of a button!

To book an installation or for assistance to select the perfect window treatment for your family home, contact one of our experts today!

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