Author: Darren Jones

While the primary benefit of awnings is to provide cool areas outside your home so you can enjoy being in the sun safely even when it is boiling hot, this is not their only upside. Awnings can also help reduce your energy bills, especially if you install a retractable model. Why do awnings offer potential energy savings, and how can you take advantage of this benefit? Find out below.

Large windows that let in plenty of light are a dream come true for many homeowners. However, these windows can also be more difficult to dress than their smaller counterparts. For starters, their large size means they often require custom-made blinds. However, the bigger concern on many homeowners' minds is finding a window covering that provides privacy and allows you to control the lighting throughout the day all without obscuring your view.

Balancing form and function isn't easy for any homeowner, but this task is especially difficult for parents of young children — or those who will often be entertaining young guests. You’ll have to reconsider many features in your home, and blinds are one of them. While all blinds can be safe under careful supervision and accidents are highly unlikely, cords and chains that are left dangling may present choking hazards for young children. However, you don’t need to skip out on installing blinds entirely. If you need that extra peace of mind, here are a couple of ideas for fitting your home with blinds that both look great and pose no risk.  
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