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Blinds & Curtains on the Gold  coast

Everyone loves the sun, but you want to enjoy it on your terms. With blinds from Blind Outlet, you can let the light in, keep it out or control it in a way that suits you. We carry blinds of every style, and we can help you find something that fits your home’s personality perfectly. For blinds in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, choose Blind Outlet.

Quality Products

Blind Outlet offers a wide variety of window treatments to suit every need and style. Whether you need something stylish and airy to brighten a room or something more substantial to keep out the sun, we can help. We offer curtains, blinds, shutters, pelmets and awnings in a number of styles and colours.


With our help, you can find the window treatments you need to complete your home, shield your family from the sun and enjoy your space. View our gallery to see the options available to you and which would best suit your needs.

Reliable Experience

Blind Outlet has been serving the Gold Coast area since 1985, which means we have over three decades of experience providing quality products and excellent customer service. We base our business on being able to serve our customers time and again, so we focus on delivering the best experience possible. Whether you need blinds for your home or business, you can trust us to help.


Do you need window coverings? Call us today on 1300 401 501 or fill out our contact form to get started. Schedule a design consultation, and we can transform your windows.

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